Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In which you lose whatever respect you might have for me...

As I try not to watch the driveway for the FedEx truck, waiting for the arrival of I Heart Felt, I do have a distraction- a sure thing that has taken my mind off almost everything else. My shameful addiction returns tonight.
That's right. I'm an Idol junkie. I think I've only missed three episodes in the first six seasons (once for an out of town funeral, once because we were in the Minneapolis/St Paul airport on our way back home from a wonderful trip to the west coast, and once to see a good friend at a book signing), and book or no book, I'll be front and center in my living room tonight.

Why do I love American Idol? Beats the hell outta me. I guess I just love watching the transformation from awkward auditioners to polished performers (and sometimes the deterioration of talent and skill). And I love that little thrill when I hear *The One* in the auditions. It happened with Clay Aiken. It happened with Taylor Hicks. It happened with Melinda Doolittle. It also happened with Josh Gracin and Scott Savol but we won't talk about that. And I love finding The Hated One (Mikalah Gordon, Kellie Pickler, and everyone else's faves last year, Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson).

I watch. I obsess. I (insert small voice) vote. And I'm certain I'll blog. From tonight until the middle of May, American Idol owns me.

So go ahead and despise me. I'll be too busy being mesmerized to care.


Rosie said...

!!!! I can't WAIT! I am also an Idol Junkie. I can't wait to read your blog posts! :)

Barbara said...

let me move my spinning wheel out of the way and you can come on over here and watch it with me.

I record it if I have to be away from home when it's on and no one is allowed to tell me what happened.

I hate Survivor and Amazing race etc... other reality shows, but this one has held my attention from the first day.

The only season that I didn't follow too much was the Fantasia one - there just wasn't anyone that I felt a connection with.

What do you knit during AI?

Do you like the auditions or the performing sections better?

I cringe at the auditions, but love the performing sections - it's wonderful to see the contestants grow

Kathleen Taylor said...

I'm with you, Barbara. I watch the auditions because I watch ALL of AI, but it doesn't really become compelling until the Hollywood rounds. That's when I really love it.

I usually knit mindless things- socks, mittens, something I don't have to look at much (or do any counting), so I can pay attention to the show.

What I should do is get my wheel out- I can spin and watch at the same time.

Anonymous said...

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