Friday, October 17, 2014

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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Inspirational Umbria Workshop/Activity Schedule

Here's what we'll be doing in Todi, Italy, from May 24-30, 2015. Won't you come and join us? The registration and info links are to the upper right of the main blog page. We are going to have such an amazing time!

And in case you don't feel like clicking to enlarge, here's the text:

Sunday May 24 
Arrival: Unpack, relax, nap, soak in the beauty of the Hotel Bramante, and Todi 
Welcome Dinner: Meet your fellow traveling designers
Monday May 25
Morning Workshop Open Your Eyes: How to see the designs around us, tools to use in translating those designs, design and chart making exercises 
Afternoon Excursion to Assisi: Observe, sketch, take notes and photos for original knitting designs 
Evening: Free Time
Tuesday May 26
Morning Workshop Translating Inspiration: Turning our observations, ideas, sketches and photos into usable stranded knitting charts 
Afternoon Todi Yarn Crawl: Purchase yarns for your original projects 
Evening: Wine Tasting
Wednesday May 27
Morning Workshop Finalizing Original Design Charts: Choosing colors for your designs, and adding your new designs to provided charts for hats, mittens, and/or sweaters 
Afternoon: Free Time for Knitting or Relaxing, or an Optional Guided Tour of Todi 
Evening: Cooking Class, Pizza/Pasta
Thursday May 28
Morning Workshop A No-Pucker, No-Twisted Yarns, Stranded Knitting Tutorial: Begin knitting your original design 
Afternoon: Free Time for Knitting or Relaxing. Kathleen will be available for design or knitting troubleshooting 
Evening: Medieval Dinner with Archery Demonstration
Friday May 29
Morning Workshop Finishing Techniques: A discussion of finishing techniques, including steeking, which isn’t as scary as it sounds 
Afternoon: Free Time for Knitting or Relaxing. Kathleen will be available for design or knitting troubleshooting 
Evening: Short Presentation: Moving Forward with Your Original Designs
Saturday May 30
Departure: Saying good-bye to new friends, and old

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Finished yarn

I finished spinning the Malabrigo roving, which, if you'll remember, I bought on the March cruise.

I tried to divide the roving into quarters, but still misjudged and ended up with 34 yards of single left over, after plying. I plied that with some commercial white wool

The tally: 256 yds, 108 gr, Malabrigo Merino roving, 2 plied, fingering weight; 34 yds, 19 gr, Malabrigo Merino/Commercial wool, fingering weight.

I love it!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Help me choose

I need new glasses soon, and those narrow rectangular frames don't look good on me. Which style (ignore the color) should I choose? Answer in the comments, if you like.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Worsted Weight Yarn Blanks

I had a fantastic time at the North Country Spinners Fibre Fallout. I'll do a post just on the weekend later, but I wanted to show you all the worsted weight socks I dyed after my class (we had some extra time and a few extra blanks, so we played with color and design), using the blanks that Kim Haibeck (Yarnsanity) made specially for the weekend. I have another blank, dyed in just stripes that I will cast on soon. The dye pattern was inspired by Kim's sock blank, which I also worked on over the weekend (and finished at my motel in Newark the night before I flew home).

The blank was 100 gr of superwash worsted weight yarn, which is not quite enough to knit an entire pair of adult socks. I dyed a contrasting 50 gr ball of plain yarn for the cuff/heel/toe. These are size 8 1/2, with a couple of inches of blank left, and slightly less than half of the 50 gr ball left over. The combo would be enough to knit pretty much any size adult socks.

My generic worsted weight pattern uses 48 sts on size 5 needles.

Oh, I didn't really try to match the stripes (it was a single-strand blank), but man, they came out beautifully anyway.

Kim sent me one of her dyed fingering weight sock blanks (2-strand). Everyone was fascinated with the colors and style, and they all oohed and aahed all weekend (I did too- I absolutely love this).

I cast on the mate last night. Most of my knitted things end up as gifts, but these two pairs? Mine mine mine.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Heading out

It's 0'dark thirty and I'm about to hit the road- flying to Newark, and then riding to Johnsonburg, NJ, to teach dyeing classes at the North Country Spinners Fibre Fallout. It'll be a blast, and I'll take lots of pics!

Catch you on the flip!