Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Not just for food...

So, I'm heading to SAFF in two weeks (exactly), and since last summer was crazypants from beginning to end, I didn't get my class prep done and mailed in advance. That means I'll have to pack it all in my suitcase, and hope that Delta gets everything where it belongs. I've learned, over the years of teaching and traveling, that providing kits with class materials is a good idea- with kits, we all start out on the same page, with the proper yarns in the proper sizes (you'd be amazed how often that doesn't happen). I'm teaching a Steeking class at SAFF (there's still room and time to sign up!) this year, which means I needed to prepare kits for the full class, whether that many people sign up or not.

Each student gets a pre-knit tube, and all the yarn and notions to turn that tube into a doll-sized sweater. As you can see, the kits are pretty bulky. They would take up room in  my suitcase better used by hoodies and wool socks. The Hub said: Why don't you vaccum seal them?

The man is a genius. Now they'll take up far less room in my suitcase, and they'll be safe and dry if my luggage ends up in Fiji.

I decided to vacuum seal all class materials that could be vacuum sealed. Not only are they compact, they're endlessly amusing.

Here are the yarns students can choose from for the 2013 Exclusive SAFF Fair Isle Fingerless Mitten Class (room in that one too, if you're of a mind to sign up).

Just plain funny, right?

I have two more classes to get ready, and I'll be sealing them as well. I'll be chuckling all day.


tracy_a said...

brilliant - and hilarious!

tracy_a said...

brilliant - and hilarious!