Monday, December 30, 2013

A Christmas Story

So, a couple of weeks back, my friend Nancie McCraw, of Badfaerie Designs, posted pictures of painted spindles and a painted spinning wheel and a painted weaving loom. Nancie's mother painted the pieces, and her work was breathtaking. Literally. I gasped when I saw this picture:

It's a large Schacht, hand painted. I immediately reposted the picture on my Facebook wall to help Nancie publicize her mother's amazing work.

I thought about the spindle for maybe 10 minutes or so, and then I contacted Nancie about prices, and about buying that spindle. She mournfully told me (and I could tell it was mournful even in a Facebook message) that the spindle had already been sold. I marveled at the speed of the sale, but understood- the spindle was gorgeous. Of course someone bought it right away.

So this spindle was not to be mine. But I could order another, which I did, delivery slated for sometime in January. I didn't care how it was painted- every example I'd seen was gorgeous, and I was perfectly happy to be surprised.

Fast forward to Christmas day, when my granddaughter, smiling hugely, handed me a bag. This was in it.

Look familiar????

My wonderful daughter-in-law Cassy just happened to be on Facebook when I posted the picture of that spindle. And she just happened to contact Nancie moments before I did. Cassy and Matt bought this spindle for me!

I usually spin with my wheel, but I love hand spindles and use them when the mood arises, and I definitely collect them as works of art, which this one is.

And the mood arose immediately. I spun up the little gray sample that came with the spindle.

It was nearly an ounce, and that is a lot to Andean ply, but I managed it (though my finger and thumb were a little low on blood by the time I got done winding) because I really wanted to ply this single to itself.

 It's a large spindle, and it spins forever. It's also very good for plying.

My handspun is never very fine, and my spindle spun yarn is not as uniform as anything I make on the wheel, but it's nice and squooshy (a technical term- you can look it up).

Just enough to wind on my mini-niddy noddy.

There was an even smaller amount of blue roving in the box, and some white (which I have not spun yet).

All washed and soft. When I finish the white, I think there will be enough for a hat. In the meantime, I bought some special roving just for the new spindle.

4 ozs of Merino/Bamboo from Flickertail Fibers, in a colorway called Tequila Sunrise. I may just put on some Eagles and get to work.


Susan Stark said...

Love the story of how the spindle of your dreams became a dream come true! It is gorgeous - and better still, it is a working work of art!

Missy's Crafty Mess said...

That is really beautiful. I hope you enjoy your gift.

Melissa aka twoknitwit said...

your second 'meant to be' moment of 2013 if I remember correctly?

I seem to recall you & your husband acquiring a piece of artwork (metal? I'm trying to recall...a weather predictor of some sort?) that you had coveted and lo & behold you ended up having it for your very own :)

hope 2014 is just as good to you, Kathleen!


Nancy D. said...

Is that Leftie in the last picture? I have been thinking of buying that pattern