Thursday, October 9, 2014

Finished yarn

I finished spinning the Malabrigo roving, which, if you'll remember, I bought on the March cruise.

I tried to divide the roving into quarters, but still misjudged and ended up with 34 yards of single left over, after plying. I plied that with some commercial white wool

The tally: 256 yds, 108 gr, Malabrigo Merino roving, 2 plied, fingering weight; 34 yds, 19 gr, Malabrigo Merino/Commercial wool, fingering weight.

I love it!

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maxine said...

Do you have a turkish drop spindle? If not it is worth getting even just a basic one for leftovers. I will try to explain what I need to break the single, just leave yourself a little slack and wind it on to the turk...then remove the bump from the turk and splice the free end into the 2 plies on your wheel and then you can ply the remaining extra from the bump (coming from the inside and the outside) all the way to the end...easy peasy and no mini leftover skein...beautiful spinning!!