Friday, February 20, 2015

Batik Jelly Roll Lap Quilt Top- Part 2

I used 10 strips to make the 16 individual blocks (technique shown yesterday- 8 were used for the top and bottom border). But I needed 20 blocks for the whole border, so I selected these 10 strips and sewed them lengthwise as before.

However, I only cut 1 square from each sewn section because I only needed 4 corner blocks. I set the rest of the sections aside.

Here's the entire center panel, assembled.

I decided it needed some contrast- so I used 4 black Jelly Roll strips for a border.

I cut the remaining strips from the corner blocks into 5" sections.

I assembled 2 of each 5" wide section for the top and bottom wide borders. The border was 2 1/2" short, so I pieced one more color to the end of each border (from another Jelly Roll strip).

I used the remainder of the extra piece strip (from the end of the top and bottom borders) and sewed it together with 4 other strips (cut to match the length of the first one), and cut it into 5" sections.

I pieced those sections with the remainder of the first wide border sections, and voila! The top is about 50" square.

This never happens for me- it all worked out perfectly without extra trimming!

The entire quilt top (except for the black border) was pieced from a single Jelly Roll. In fact, I have 5 strips left over. I could have used them for the intermediate border, but I really like the contrast that the black provides. I could use them for the binding, but I think I'll use black again, for the lovely contrast.

This technique looks wonderful with the batik fabrics, but it would work with any set of strips (commercially assembled Jelly Roll or strips you cut yourself).

Time to quilt!

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