Monday, May 18, 2015

The Evolution of a Hippie Moon

Did I  mention that I wanted to embroider a blue denim Hippie Shirt? Did I also mention that I've tried every single transfer pen and pencil color, and none show on dark denim? And did I mention that I accidentally ordered a white pencil (well, it wasn't accidental- the silly thing was labeled as a transfer pencil, but it's just a white pencil), which ended up being the only thing that actually shows on the dark fabric?

If I haven't mentioned any of that, consider it mentioned now.

Anyway, I started working on the Hippie Shirt this weekend. Since I can't use a transfer pen or pencil, I decided to wing the design (this made me sad, because I had a whole slew of Urban Threads motifs that I wanted to transfer and embroider). Here's how that went:

All of the featured work was done on a very windy, rainy, dreary afternoon as I watched The Hobbit (#1) and a bunch of favorite X-Files episodes. I stopped to take a picture after each step. This is about 5 hours of work, all done with ordinary 6-strand embroidery floss (2 strands at a time). Note that the above picture is a more accurate representation of the shirt color.

Cool, no?

I'm going to embroider the front yokes, cuffs, collar, and down either side of the button bands.

Side Note: If I ever do this again (hint: probably), I'll get a light denim shirt. ALL of the transfer pens and pencils will show on that fabric

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Jan Morrison said...

Remembering my own hippie past I'd say you are doing this, even if inadvertently, in the proper way! Moreover you've done a gorgeous job of it. So glad you couldn't transfer...going to get out my threads.