Thursday, August 13, 2015

Deception Pass

On our last day in Washington, we took a road trip up to Deception Pass, which connects Whidbey Island with the mainland, at Anacortes. It's a breathtaking view from up there, and I was not brave enough to walk all the way across. It wasn't the height, it was the fact that the bridge wiggles. A lot. Especially when tractor trailers cross, which they do constantly.

It was so beautiful!

(Side Note: I got a new Kindle, the 8.9" HDX, with a keyboard, and I'm uploading and posting this from that device. It's pretty snazzy, and it's far more usable and portable than any of  my other laptops, so I might actually be able to post while on the road, which I will be next week again. But in the meantime, I'll try to get caught up on the July trip- it was an adventure!)

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