Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Color Your Own Folk Art Santa Bookmarks

The muse says: draw and color. So I draw and color.

And I share.

The inspiration- once again, one of my original carvings from the '90s

Reduced to outlines in an online graphic program

Clutter cleaned, hand-drawn outlines for embellishment

 First try- the middle T is blank because I really really did not like the drawing I did, so I erased it in Paint

Printed on card stock, and colored with colored pencils

Covered with clear tape and cut out

The final drawing- click to enlarge, save to your computer, print on card stock, and color.If you use markers or colored pencils, you can cover each with wide, clear packing tape (front and back) to keep the colors from smudging. I don't think tape will stick if you use crayons.


Once again, for your personal use, only. No resales or commercial use please.

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