Friday, December 21, 2012

In and out...

The MOBI file for The Nut Hut arrived, so most of my time has been taken up with proofing so it can be uploaded for sale.
I gotta say that this never, ever, gets old. (Ignore the rectangle- it's a glitch that will be removed.)

But I did take time over the weekend to make Santa Cookies with the Grandgirls. We couldn't find Nutter Butter cookies, but these oval ones worked just as well.
Frog Girl had the brilliant notion of standing the cookies upright between the lines on my cake rack so that the almond bark could set without getting squished. I recommend that method highly. And the cookies taste pretty good too.

We haven't tried these yet, and this photo was taken from the site, I hope we get a chance to make Snowflake Ballerinas too!

In the evening, I spend a couple of hours of TV time working on the Santa Tree Needlepoint. If I say so myself, it's going to be pretty cool.

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Sophie said...

Thank you for the snowflake ballerinas idea! It is lovely and I'll make some with my daughter!