Sunday, September 29, 2013

The latest obsession

I managed to go 60 years without caring about fingernail polish, and then WHAM! I was purely terrible at applying it and nearly gave up, and then I had a manicure on the cruise and decided that I had to learn how to do it on my own. It took me 4 weeks to figure it out, but I am finally able to paint my own nails- they're still not manicure-worthy, but good enough for low-light situations.

The ship manicure that started it all. I never knew that nails could look so beautiful:

Here are some of my results.

 In a long running attempt to find pumpkin orange, I found this lovely gold (it was copper in the bottle).

 This is a Del Sol color changing polish- blue inside... Note that I had not yet figured out how to eliminate the bubbles.

 Purple in the sun. Both shades too pastel for me.

This was a local pro-manicure. Again, I was looking for copper, but this gold was really pretty, and it lasted 2 full weeks without chipping.

Another try at copper- this one an OPI, but it came out red

And yet another try at copper- Essie. It's ruby red, but man, it's a gorgeous ruby red. It's a keeper.

China Glaze

A present from my friend Jane! Woot!

This is the pumpkin color I was looking for!
Woohoo!!!!! Also: Finally!

This is today's color- Orly Space Cadet

Purple/green/gold irridescent. Purple straight on...
Greeny gold from other angles.

Next week? Who knows.

Oh, the secret to no bubbles? Wait a bit between coats and top with Seche Vite Top coat. It dries fast and has an amazing gloss. Oil drying drops work, but they bubbled on me every single time.

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stellaluna said...

Maybelline Express #230, Brassy, is a light copper color. It may be discontinued, but it's still available on ebay.