Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We interrupt this travel and food blog for some knitting...

I know. Finally, eh?

I finished Hitchhiker #2 (worked from a cone of 50/50 wool silk, which seemed to have a lot of knots toward the end).

 The yarn was a joy to knit with, knots and all.

It bloomed beautifully after washing. I didn't pin it because it's not lace, and it's plenty big already.

Ignore the hair and lack of makeup and the droopy eye (allergies, and I was going down to the treadmill exercise when I realized I needed a pic of the shawl/scarf on). It's a very versatile pattern.

So versatile that I cast on Hitchhiker #3 (these are gifts, and I need a couple more by Christmas). This yarn is Rowan Kidsilk Haze Glamour, from my goodie bag on the Bahamas cruise (damn, I love free yarn-my No Stash Enlargement Policy does not extend to turning down freebies). It's amazing stuff, silk and mohair with teeny tiny little sequins throughout.
This pattern goes very quickly at the start, though it gains 4 sts every 8 rows, so by the end, the rows are pretty long. I have two balls of this stuff (just under 400 yds), and I'll just knit until I run out.

Speaking of freebie yarn on cruises, did you know that the March cruise will be co-sponsored by Malabrigo? And that the class supplies and freebies will all be Malabrigo???? I think you want to come on this cruise. I really really do.

Speaking of which- take a peek at this... (oops, there was an error in the flyer- I'll repost after the correction has been made) Cool, no???

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