Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Finger Down Prototype

I finished the first pair of finger-down prototype gloves (in-progress pics here and here). I'm happy with the technique, which worked pretty much the way I hoped it would. The pattern itself needs some tweaking- for some reason the little finger is almost 1/2" too long (and I have long fingers) and this construction makes taking it out and shortening it pretty much impossible. This size is also too tight for me, but it works for a small adult (or regular youth). I'll grade the pattern out for medium and large adult soon.

I am already getting requests to teach this as a workshop, though I'm not sure how that would go. Unless it's a several day workshop, students would have to knit all four fingers and the thumb in advance, and folks don't much like homework. I'll have to think that one through a bit.

Anyway- voila!

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CrazyAnn said...

Consider some type of on line class. I live to far to come to anywhere you teach and I want to make these gloves. All my prior attempts pretty much sucked.