Friday, July 18, 2014

Barn Goodies

Over the years, my obsession with our little barn has been mentioned (and yes, I know it's actually a chicken coop, but we've called it a barn for long enough, that it is now officially The Barn). I take pictures of it in all seasons, and from all angles, and post them everywhere. Here and there, folks have asked me to make items with Barn images available for ordering. This week I finally did it.

All the Little Barn goodies you might ever want (and some it never occurred to anyone to want, ever) are now available in my Zazzle Store, Ktaylor1952 (there are evidently many Kathleen Taylors selling things on Zazzle, that was the best I could do for a store name.)

It won't just be barn images- I'm going to make some of my needlepoint designs available as note cards, and other stationery items. I've already created a Sunflower Needlepoint card, though it may not show up in the shop until tomorrow.

Here are a couple of the things already listed:



Playing Cards

Note cards

I'll be creating and listing more stuff over time, and I'll announce here and there when new things are available, but I'll try not to be obnoxious about it. A permanent link to the store is on the upper right of the main blog page.

This will be fun!

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