Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Inspirational Umbria, Todi Italy, May 24-30 2015!!!! IT'S ON!!!!!!

I am about to hyperventilate here- the dates have been set for a week-long knitwear design workshop in Todi, Italy. And I will be teaching! In Italy! In May 2015.

The focus of the in-depth workshop will be on translating landscape and architectural features and details and impressions into charts for stranded and Fair Isle knitting. Every student will go home with an original, and completely unique, pattern of his or her own design. Not only will we use the beautiful town of Todi as inspiration, we'll be taking excursions to Assisi, and surrounding areas. Classes will be in the morning, excursions in the afternoon (including a yarn crawl- there are three yarn stores in Todi, wine tasting, a cooking class, and a Medieval archery demo), and great food in the evening. Friendship and laughter all day, every day. It's going to be fun, lemee tellya.

Prices for the retreat have not been set yet, but here's the flyer:

Feel free to copy and distribute this flyer anywhere you like. I also have a PDF file- e-mail me if you'd like it as well.

As if the above wasn't enough of an incentive- take a gander at the hotel where we'll be staying:

 I was rendered speechless (a rare and wonderful thing) when I went to the Hotel Bramante website. *Amazing* doesn't begin to cover it. Be sure to watch the video.

And if you need a little more incentive, the workshop facilitator Alexandra Hook, sent me this picture of Todi itself:

As the rest of the details are settled, I'll let you all know. Come and join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

Edited to add: I just started a Ravelry group called Inspiring Umbria- come and join us!

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