Thursday, December 11, 2014

Best Books of 2014 Packing for Mars

Again- presented in no particular order except the order in which I feel like writing about them. And in case I haven't mentioned it, these are my favorite books of 2014, but that's not necessarily the year that they were published.

Yeah, it IS rocket science. And it's hilarious.

No, seriously, Mary Roach is an exceptional writer. She makes science not only approachable, but laugh out loud funny. Want to know how toilets work in space? Or what happens when you cry in zero gravity? Or what some of the early astronauts really thought about each other? Read this book.

Oh- unlike most of the books on my list, this one is non-fiction. It's all true. Amazingly and goofily true.

Also? Read any other book Mary Roach has written. They're all great.

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