Monday, December 8, 2014

Best Books of 2014

(Reminder: The rest of the Best of 2014 books are not being listed in any kind of preference order beyond when I feel like writing about each one.)

While The Martian was pure science, today's book is fantasy, the kind that might happen if Pride and Prejudice and Game of Thrones had a baby.

The characters are all dragons who live in a very structured (nearly Victorian), and totally believable, society. Family and wealth are everything, and sudden death lurks. I fell into this universe and didn't want to come back out. I hope the author, whose books are all good, and all completely different from each other, writes a sequel.

Edited to add: The author does have a series, but it's not set in this universe, and I have not read any of those books. I have read several of her stand-alones though, and I enjoyed them all

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