Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 Rose Parade Floats, up close and personal, Part 1

Hi there! Remember me?

I was gone a while, and sick a while (only a cold, but I whine a lot), and busy a while, and lazy a while. But Faithful Reader Maxine reminded me that I haven't posted in a while either.

So, get ready for a series of photos from our California trip. We had many amazing adventures on this trip, and I took a bazillion pictures, so this is going to take a while... (see what I did there?)

One of the things we did on this vacation was to drive to Pasadena and tour the Rose Parade Floats. All 90 or so of them were parked on the streets, and though they were cordoned off, we got to get right up to them. I knew that every inch of each float had to be covered with plant and organic matter, and I knew that each one was put together, blossom by blossom, petal by petal, bean by bean, but I seriously had no idea how complex and beautiful each one would be.

I also did not realize that the scent of the roses would be so strong. It was amazing... to me, and to the thousands of others who were all there to gaze in wonder.

I'm going to divide these pics into two posts, expect the second in a day or so. No words are necessary for any of these- they speak for themselves. In case you couldn't tell, these babies were huge- and we had a much better view of them on January 2, while they were not moving, than anyone did during the parade, I think.


Karen Stephens said...

OMG..how gorgeous!!! I loved how you had people next to some of the floats for scale.
You were so lucky to have been able to see these up close and personal.

Take care,

Jill said...

Very beautiful!!! I have always wanted to see the Rose Parade. What a treat to see the floats in your photos and to hear about your experience.