Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sea Turtle, Finished At Last

The purchased, pre-printed Sea Turtle needlepoint that started my whole needlepoint *thing*, has finally found its purpose! I decided to turn it into a needlework bag, and to do that, I used a photo/scan to have Spoonflower make matching fabrics (cotton and canvas). The custom fabrics picked up on the greens and yellows more than the blues, but that's okay.

The fabrics arrived yesterday. Here's what I did:

 The larger motif is the cotton for the lining, the smaller repeat is the canvas for the outer shell

Closer shot

The shell, assembled with quilted batting

The needlepoint canvas, appliqued to the front. Oh- I used a rectangle of plastic needlepoint canvas whip stitched in the bottom to give it a little bit of support.

Closeup of the quilted back

Lining, with pockets

Pocket divisions

Detail of needlepoint

Finished bag

The back

The lining.

I have enough canvas left to make a zipper pouch and maybe a drawstring project bag.

I do love my new sewing machine!

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