Sunday, March 1, 2015

Go Seahawks!

I don't actually care about any sports, but by default, I root for the Seahawks (being an old PNW gal). It helps that their colors are so beautiful...

I call this one: Give the Ball to Marshawn.

10 fabrics: 5 blue, 5 green, ranging in tone from dark to light. 1 yd each Darkest Blue and lightest green, 1/2 yd each, of all of the rest (though some had a little more since there was less than a half yard left on the bolt, and I couldn't just leave it there...). All fabrics from Wal-Mart, btw. One of the greens and one of the blues sparkle.

I cut 5-2 1/2" wide strips from each fabric

And sewed and assembled it as for the Batik Quilt.

Side note- I am always amazed how a rotary cutter can go from sharp and neat to tear-the-fabric- replace-the-damn-blade-again, from one cut to the next...

Can you see the sparkle?

I really love this.

It's not quilted yet, but I had enough fabric (and some sewn strips, though I did have to cut and ssew a couple more to finish) leftover to do this (please note-I'm glad a couple of the fabrics were larger than 1/2 yard, that helped with this one, and I had the white on hand):

 It's not quilted yet either.

I have a whole stack of finished tops that are unquilted. I enjoy the quilting but I hate sandwiching and pinning them, so I put it off. I'm going to have to do some marathon quilting soon.

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