Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Watermelon Tennies!

Remember when I decorated these tie-dye shoes? And these? A Facebook conversation with my friend Judy triggered another notion- Watermelon Shoes! I just happened to have a pair of new, white tennis in my closet, ready to embellish (doesn't everyone?) and within a couple of hours, I had the basics done. It took a few days for them to cure and dry, but this morning I added the seeds and laces, and VOILA!

The process is the same as with the earlier pairs- color the shoes with permanent markers (I used Prismacolor this time, because there are more, subtle color shades- 4 each, greens and pinks), drizzle with rubbing alcohol (I use a pipette for the drizzling), allow that to dry/cure for 24 hours, rinse, allow to dry. And then add any non-blotch embellishments you want. Easy Peasy!

 Just slop the color on- no need to be neat. I am tickled with myself for remembering to put a line of pale green around the pink shoe sole.

 Rubbing alcohol makes the colors wick and blend.

I really love how they came out.

I'm also pleased with the seeds. I waited to draw them after the blending because I wanted sharp outlines. If I had drawn them before drizzling the alcohol, they would have turned into gray blotches.

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