Thursday, May 17, 2012

AI Season 11- Top 3 Elimination, 05-17-12

Man, I hate Subway commercials. All of them.

Since when does Paul Simon licence his voice to American Idol? Homeward Bound, clips from the home visits and last night's performances, and a reminder that someone is going home tonight, as though anyone could forget.

Randy is in a black leather jacket, a shirt, and a tie that is white on the top and black and white checks on the bottom. Steven is in a white jacket over an orange and pink paisley shirt. JLo is in a fuchsia chiffon halter top with a floaty neck bow, a floaty turquoise skirt, and a red belt. Her hair is soft and pretty, and she has lip color tonight. All in all, a good look. Ryan is in a gray tweed jacket over a blue shirt, with a natty yellow pocket square with teeny red polka dots.

The Top 3 sing Got To Get You Into My Life, the Vegas Version, and that's just about all I need to say about that.

Evidently Phil has permanently opted out of the Fordmercials. Tonight's effort is actually sort of clever, with Jessica and Joshua playing Keystone Cops and Robbers in a silent movie.

Ryan calls Joshua down, but we know better than to expect results this early in the show. Joshua is wearing a far too tight black shirt with white collar piping. Jimmy says: #1was good but not great, an 8 out of 10 but  not deserving of a standing ovation. #2 Joshua is an exciting showman, but he overcompensated with riffs and runs rather than singing the simple but moving melody. #3 something was missing, the song didn't have enough melody for Joshua's style of over singing (interesting since Jimmy chose the song).

And then Ryan sends Joshua back to the others, just like we knew he would.

Then we spend far too much time promoting the 300th Ice Age movie. I'm not recapping a 6 minute commercial, or the absolutely horrible song the Top 4 recorded for it.

And now, words I never thought I'd use in conjunction with this show: it's time for Lisa Marie Presley to sing. The stage is decked out like a Fairy Tale forest, and The Mad Hatter is playing guitar. The song is You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet, but it's not the Bachman Turner Overdrive one. This song is surprisingly not horrible, though the only lyrics I can understand are the words to the title because Lisa Marie mumbles into the microphone like a drunk Agent Scully on karaoke night.

Omigod, they're talking about next season's audition dates already.

Ryan calls Jessica down next. She's wearing a vaguely Grecian white dress with a modesty panel on the bodice, open sides, two narrow black belts, and a floaty skirt. Iovine says: #1 singer and song were both good, but not together, #2 not the right song, and not the right moment, #3 admits he chose the wrong song, forcing Jessica to sing a solo song that should actually be a duet.

Commercial Comment: I so think I can dance.

The Top 12 are in the audience. Also Rita Wilson and Carole Bayer Sager. Ryan takes a bit of time to acknowledge the passing of Donna Summer. Then it's right back to business.

Adam Lambert has a new album out called Trespassing, and a new single called Never Close Our Eyes. A decidedly un-glam Adam is wearing a neon green shirt and earrings. The band (boys and girls, though I'm not entirely sure which is which) color coordinates with Adam, who is doing an excellent job of reminding us that James Durbin is the poor man's Adam Lambert.

Ryan calls Phil (gray shirt over a white tee shirt) down. Iovine: #1 was a great job, showcasing Phil's original sound. #2 respects Phil but didn't love the performance, #3 best Phil performance ever, and best performance of the night. Jimmy was knocked out by the depth and emotion.

Finally, with all three on stage, it's time for the reveal. But first, Ryan aks the judges what they think. Randy says this is the Best Top 3 ever (he may be right ), and that all three will have Big Careers. JLo is weepy already, and talks about The Journey. Steven loves all three and then quotes Happy Talk from South Pacific.

My prediction during the commercial is that Jessica is going home. The Hub thinks Joshua will get the boot.

Back onstage, with the lights dimmed, and 90 million votes.... Jessica is safe. So much for my psychic abilities.

Joshua is actually standing with his arm around Phil's shoulders, bravely risking cooties. Ryan draws it out as long as he can, aaannnnddddd...... whattya know, Phil is in!

Well, I didn't like Joshua personally, and I barely tolerated most of his performances, but I fully acknowledge his talent, and if he records old-time Motown-style stuff, he'll have a huge career.

JLo is ugly-crying. Joshua sings and hugs at the same time. Phil is grinning widely, as well he should. The voting power of little girls is nearly unstoppable, so he has a very good chance of winning next week.

I guess we'll know soon enough.

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