Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I mentioned that I've embarked on an uncharacteristic cleaning binge, delving into drawers and closet corners that have not seen the light of day since we moved into this house a decade ago.  Among other things, I uncovered a largish box of sock yarn that I bought at the Sock Summit in Portland. In '09. The box sat where it has sat for the last three years, next to the TV in the bedroom, under a pile of blankets and a couple of American Girl dolls...

It was just about intervention time, I think.

So while this urge lasts, in addition to being fairly ruthless about tossing excess junk (why would we keep a non-functional computer monitor? Why would we save four of them?  Along with broken answering machines and a coffee maker dutifully labeled "leaks"?), and cleaning (oh the dust... the dust), and filling bag after bag with nice clothes that we simply don't wear (or... urk... don't fit), I've made executive decisions about some of the things I've saved, and some of the things that I thought I was going to do. And some of the things I am currently doing.

Remember that box of novelty yarn that I posted yesterday, the one I found up on the bedroom closet shelf? It's now on the way to my sister, who wanted the yarn. I will be sending more off, and donating some to charities, and selling some on eBay (eventually- the Wool Room is last on my Tackle List, since boxes from every other room are still being added to the WR inventory).

See these? These are single socks that were knitted for The Big Book of Socks. The actual socks from the book. There just wasn't time to knit whole pairs for photography before publication. The photo samples came back to me eventually and there are easily 35 single socks in this pile. I saved the yarn for these socks, stashing partial balls and bits in another closet next to my office. I always intended to knit the mates, and then use the socks for gifts.

Guess what? I finally realized that I am never, ever going to knit the mates. It's simply not going to happen. I have moved on. I am totally over these socks.

So what am I going to do with them? Not a clue. I can't bring myself to toss them, and single socks are not much use to anyone, but I now know for sure that I'm not going to knit the mates, which is such a relief. I had been dreading that job. Maybe I'll cut them up for doll clothes, or use them as working samples in a steeking class. In any case, I have admitted to myself, and now to you all, that they're never going to be pairs.

And what will I do with the yarn? It depends- most will go in with my leftover yarns for socks and hats. Some will be woven into scarves, some will be given away. And some... are you sitting down? .... some of it is just going to be tossed.

There, I said it.

Which brings me to another realization: Unless I'm on a deadline, and under contract, I don't have to finish a project that I hate.

Remember this from a few days ago?
This is lovely Crystal Palace Panda Cotton and Panda Wool yarn (both bamboo blends). It's wonderful yarn, light and soft and fun to knit with. But it's not well suited for weaving. It's a bit elastic, and the ends don't blend in nicely, and I hated working with it. Hated it so much that I hadn't picked up the shuttle for several days. Yesterday, after deciding that I could just let the Single Socks ride, I looked at the loom, and even though there was more than 2' of warp left, I said the hell with it, and cut the scarf off.

Yep, I decided that I hated weaving with the yarn, and that there was absolutely no point in forcing myself to keep working on this scarf just for the sake of using up the warp. The finished scarf is 5 1/2" wide (elastic, remember), and 44" long (excluding fringe), which is long enough for a short scarf. It's soft enough and drapey and it looks great (though it's not ironable- I nearly melted it on a medium setting). And I will never weave with that yarn again.

And then I warped the loom with something that I am enjoying using: Knit Picks Main Line Cotton warp, and some fringey novelty yarn (content unknown). This is going to weave quickly, and it's going to make a nubbly, fun scarf (and the fringey ends may poke out as it's worn, which will be cool).

But best of all, I'm enjoying the process again, which is the whole point.

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justmeandtwo said...

Good for you, deciding to not knit/weave what you don't enjoy! You do realize, however, that today's trend is for mis-matched socks, right? Some teenager would probably die for your stash. :)