Saturday, July 14, 2012

Road Trip With Camera

I've mentioned several times that I belong to a group that is doing Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day Challenge. The group is wonderful- I've formed some pretty amazing friendships, and our conversations range to the moon and back, with new ones started every day as we post our own photos. I've become a better photographer, and I know that I look at my world differently than I used to, discovering photo subjects in the most unlikely places.

Today's prompt is Building. I knew which building I wanted to shoot, but I couldn't remember which little town it was in, so The Hub and I got in the car yesterday and drove country mile after country mile, from little town to little town, in the blazing heat, finding photo ops everywhere.

Though I often post more than one pic on any given day, narrowing them down to even two is sometimes difficult. More so today, because I snapped easily a dozen pics on our little road trip that qualify, and I have the burning need to show them off ...

This is the photo I posted for the challenge- the Pride of Mansfield, SD. The contrast between the crisp shingles and sharp lettering on the signs, with the peeling paint is fascinating. We tend to forget what a Big Deal Lawrence Welk was back in the day.

This is the high school that my husband attended- Northwestern in Mellette, SD. It is now a community center, and if you squint, you might spot a Bud Light sign in the basement window. There is now a restaurant in what used to be the school cafeteria- they serve good midwestern food, in huge portions. And beer.
 This vintage garage has seen better days.

Every town, no matter how small, had its own grain elevator. These old elevators are quickly disappearing from the plains, replaced by shiny, huge, round silos. This one is privately owned, set in the middle of an anemic soybean field.

I don't know what the hexagonal barn was used for, but it goes with the above elevator.

 Also this chicken coop
 and this barn.
 This is the former post office in Ashton, SD. It's the only red building in town. Well, it's the only painted red building. In the distance, you can see that Ashton still has an old-style grain elevator.
 Beautiful detailing on the old PO.
 This grain elevator is also on private property.
My guess is that one good wind storm, and it'll be gone.
 The Hub tells me that this used to be a mechanic's shop.
 I love the detailing over what used to be the entrance. Also the little birdie.
My town still has a grain elevator. It also has many of the new round ones, which are larger, more mordern and more efficient. I don't suppose this one will stand for much longer.
 I actually got out of the car in the 100 degree heat, climbed down through the ditch, onto someone's property, knelt down on the ground and snapped this shot of nearly ripe wheat.  Yes, this is what I've become- a sweaty tresspasser with dirty knees.
 Amber waves...

So Beautiful.


LJ Roberts said...

These are such wonderful photos, Kathleen. I'm glad you posted them individually here.

twoknitwit said...

thanks for getting your knees dirty ~ the wheat photos are my favorite (although the red post office is a close second!)

AnneMarie said...

Lovely post, Kathleen. Thanks for sending it our way.