Tuesday, July 10, 2012

There's a Cold Front coming...

When I was in Closet Cleaning Mode (now thankfully passed), I found this:
My friend Ann had this tee made for me when Cold Front was first published. I wore it proudly. Cold Front is being re-released in a couple of weeks, and I'm wearing it again, though just as a swimsuit cover up.

My son, the Genius Artist, has come up with yet another fantastic eBook cover, and this may be my favorite one yet:
I love everything about this- Curt captured the essence of the book perfectly. But I think that the chrome lettering on the side of the truck is my absolute favorite thing about it.
See? Cool, no?

And seeing the covers all lined up is cooler yet- note the subtle color progression: red/white, dark red/gold, gold/brown, brown/gray, gray/gold.... I can't wait to see what happens with Foreign Body, which is the 6th and final Tory Bauer mystery (at least the last of the stories that have been written and published... maybe there will be more...)

As usual, Curt has posted the evolution of this cover- it's absolutely fascinating to see how each one came to be. Scroll to the bottom for the Cold Front section.

I've finished proofing the files and the whole thing is back with my friend Ryan, for final formatting. After that, it's just a matter of getting Cold Front listed on the various sites. My guess is that it'll be available within 2 weeks. Woohoo!

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maxine said...

...maybe there will be more...I love a good tease...