Monday, September 1, 2008

Off to the Fair

I'm off to the South Dakota State Fair, in Huron. I'll do my best to resist the siren call of the Funnel Cake booth, but that may be a lost cause. I will return with pictures of quilts and Ferris Wheels, and maybe some goofy looking chickens and a really big pig.

If you haven't entered the Blogiversary Contest yet, you still have time. Just post a comment for yesterday's post, and you're in.


Karen said...

Have fun! Sign many books! Eat junk food! Look at quilts and cows and tractors!
I look forward to the pics.

Elena Fuentes-Afflick said...

Thanks for a great year filled with lots of knitting inspiration! I've started to felt in the last few months and I love your books.

Elena Fuentes-Afflick

Jackie said...

Love your blog and your books.
I just started felting and I love it.