Thursday, September 18, 2008

To Live and Die a Pirate King...

Desipte yon date at the top of this post, Today do indeed be Friday September 19, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and so's not to be walkin' that there plank, we'll be talkin' like them Piratical types for the time bein'.

If yers want to knit someting in the Pirate Vein, here be a felted Pirate Hat that be totally adorable:

And if ye be thinkin' about beadin' like yon Pirate, here be the place to visit for some truly skully patterns:

And if ye want to listen to Piratical Music, ye can naught but to take to the sea with The Pirates of Penzance. Especially the Kevin Kline/Linda Ronstadt version. Yon movie, also with Angela Lansbury, ( be pretty darn good, but ye version filmed outdoors, live ( ) be my favorite performance of my favorite Gilbert and Sullivan operetter.

I plan to be livin' my life in the normal way on this grand fall day, with just a tinch of pirate talk, and have yon knitterly type things to show ye Mateys.

First, spy yon skeins of handspun yarrrrrrn. They be 100% Merino Wooly Sheep, dyed by Guild Masters in the realm of Twisted Fiber Arts, in the Minstrel style. It be spun 2-ply, and it weigh in at 4.1 ozs and 465 yarrrrrds. I be plannin' to work this yarrrn with beads as a piece of lace frippery of some sort for Her Ladyship.

Then, we be seein' some wee sockies for yon granddaughter for ye upcoming Wynter Holidays. Yon sock, also dyed by Guild Masters Twisted, be in the Tulip (some sort of Dutch flower, I believes) style, and workd in a pattern called Circle Socks- a slip stitch texture that be showin' off the color changes in yon yarrrrn in a way that makes me Piratical Heart Thump with Happyness.

Then we still be workin' on dear Genevieve's Graduation sweater, and we be makin' progress, though it be slow progress. The sleeves be vast and mighty and be still on yon needles, but they be growin'.

Tomorrer, we be hitting the high seas for Watertown, SD and ye annual North Country Fiber Fair. We be leaving port before the sun peeks over ye eastern horizon, and we be returnin' long after she sets in the west, but we be comin' back with booty and pictures and stories.... yarrrrrrr


ambermoggie said...

arrghh them socks do be right wonderful:)

danielle said...

Yarrrr matey - I am impressed! At both the pirate talk and your knitting booty! Love the sockies!

Anonymous said...

Mikatana1Heave Ho me matey and just wherrrre did ya find that sock pattern? Some treasure chest. Ye'll walk the plank wid the point of my sword ifn yee don't talk!!

(Just want you to know it sounds a lot funnier in my head!!!!)