Monday, September 8, 2008

One Down

I was so excited to assemble this sock that I forgot to take a pic of it unsewn. I'll take a pic of the mate before I sew the side seam. Anyway, I got the first Guardian Mitered Square sock done and I love it! It's just a mite snug on my foot- not bad enough to tear it out or to knit the mate differently, but enough so that when I write the pattern up (soon, I promise), I'm going to add 2 sts to the sole (30 rather than 28) for just a bit more ease.

I'm working on the mate now, and taking pics of the mitered square progression (it's not difficult, but there are 4 basic CO/Pick Up Sts steps for rows of mitered squares) so I can write up those instructions when I post the pattern. This is sort of construction is slower than just plain knitting, but it's such fun, and I love watching how the self-pattering yarn works out.

Usually, I'm pretty anal about my socks matching, but I'm not even trying with the mitered-square portion of these socks. It's such a riot of color, and the two sides of the first sock don't match each other, so it just doesn't matter. I will try to make the soles match, but that may not work . We'll have to wait and see how they come out.


Missy said...

oooh I really like your sock! Great colors. They really stand out.

Karen said...

That is unbelievably cute. I must know how you make them!! Post pattern soon, okay?

Fríða said...

my best from Iceland

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Love this sock! I you think this "recipe" would work for using up all those little leftover balls of sock yarn? Wouldn't those be wild!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Thanks so much, missy and frida. Karen, I'll post the pattern maybe next Friday. Kate- I'm sure this recipe will work with odds and ends.I did a test run awhile back on leftover yarns (check back posts on the blog- use patchwork as a search). That pair was too big for me, so this version is a bit smaller.