Sunday, August 14, 2011


We headed out this morning, much later than Taylors usually hit the road (about 8:30am). We ate lunch at Granite City in Sioux Falls (where they were playing the Lawrence Welk Theme Song... no, I could not make that up... a little champagne music with your Sunday brunch, which was excellent by the way). I picked up where I left off with the Road Socks.

Not too far from Albert Lea, MN, we stopped at a roadside park which had a little bridge over a creek with lots of little fishies.

It was a pretty place, especially considering it was just a rest stop.

Many, many, many motorcycles (and their owners) were headed home from Sturgis.

I finished the socks  well before the Wisconsin border.
We see windmills at home, and we see them on the way to the west coast, but I've never seen the kind of windmill concentration as I did this morning along I-90 in Minnesota. There were more windmills than there were motorcycles (I'm talking hundreds and hundreds). Even if you know how big these suckers are, you still don't KNOW how big they are until you drive next to them (and we see the blades being trucked past on our highway all the time). It was amazing,.

We made it to LaCrosse, WI (over the Mississippi River) in good time. We found an amazing little restaurant- Edwardo's Pizza Wagon, which served not only fantastic wood-fired pizza, but also a large selection of national microbrews, and international beers. After consulting with Curt, I had a Spotted Cow Pale Ale with my supper. It was yummy.

Tomorrow morning, we head south, and if we are lucky, we will avoid Chicago almost entirely, and make it to our portion of Michigan by supper time. Cross your fingers for us.


Mary Keenan said...

Kathi, the socks are so cute! What pattern is it or did you wing it? The bumps are just perfect with those colours.

mary said...

I love the socks!

And this post made me so homesick for Sioux Falls! I know the drive across 90 to LaCrosse very well. I miss the windmills!

Cathy-Cate said...

I missed this, being out of blog-commission at the stopped in my town! We eat at Edwardo's not infrequently, it does have awesome pizzas among other food, and nice people. (Now I'm hungry for it.) La Crosse is pretty, eh?, though not quite so much right around the interstate exits, granted. And the New Glarus Brewing Co. beers I like, and I'm not much of a beer drinker, even. (Heresy, here.)

We had just gotten back from a week up north, so I am still a little behind from that....