Friday, August 12, 2011

This 'n That

Did you enter the Sex and Salmonella magnet/note card giveaway? Did you win? Check here to find out.

Speaking of Curtis Taylor, as I often do, in addition to the fantastic covers that he's designing for the eBook versions of my mysteries (The Hotel South Dakota should be available within a few weeks), his CafePress store also features items using some of his other illustrations and designs. My new favorites are the Haystack Rock and Cannon Beach themed goodies.

I love the tee, note cards, and the glass. I just ordered the Cannon Beach logo hoodie. Woohoo!

Have I ever shown you the beer glasses? (note: the picture is fuzzy, the images on the glasses are not). I'm planning to get them for all of the new covers. The two on the left are more of Curt's designs. The images are translucent, which I did not expect (I thought they would have opaque backgrounds), but I really love the look, especially when they're in use...


This morning, I am gathering supplies and printing handouts for my classes at the Michigan Fiber Festival (link on the upper right of the main page), which opens next week. I'll be teaching next Wednesday (Fair Isle Design), and Friday (Writing Patterns for Publication, and Little Tips and Knitting Tricks)(there are a couple more spots open in each of the classes for on-site signups). I'm excited about the trip to Michigan, where we will spend time with The Hub's sister Jayne. And I'm thrilled to be invited to teach at this festival.
Wool! Yarn! Sheep! Woohoo!

So, I'd best get to work. But I'll leave you with this absolutely gorgeous photo of my new daughter in law, Cassy. 
That's Haystack Rock in the background, and a certain wedding shawl draped around her lovely shoulders.

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Anne Arnold Pierce said...

have a ton of fun at the festival.