Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Michigan Mornings

Well, we managed to miss Chicago by going south and around to Gary, IN, but the traffic was still pretty hairy for twenty minutes or so (white knuckle for this rider anyway- 70 mph, bumper to bumper, 6 lanes). But once we got past that, it was back to rural and pretty. Wisconsin has rolling farmland, Illinois has amazing rest stops, Michigan has a lot of trees. It's all beautiful.

I know how big the windmills are, and yet I'm still surprised at how big they are. These were in the farmland before the Chicago suburbs. I guess they don't call it the Windy City for nothing.

We got in to Hastings at about supper time. This is my sister in law's back yard. Not a bad view, eh? 
Jayne is known for her sauerkraut- here's some future cabbage.

Jayne and Terry- they don't get to spend much time together, so it's wonderful to have this excuse to visit. We have today to play and do touristy things. This morning I ran, and the lovely misty rural Michigan rolling hills killed my sorry, out-of-shape flatlander ass. But it was gorgeous.
Tomorrow, I go to work. I can't wait!

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