Saturday, August 6, 2011

Winding Down

The SoCal grands are only here for 2 more days, so I won't be online much. They'll be heading back home to cooler climes (their little micro-climate comes pretty darn close to perfect- average highs year round: 75, average dewpoints: 50's, average rainfall: not worth trying to measure) via cross-country drive. They've done a wonderful job of dealing with the heat and humidity (they're from South Dakota, after all, and they're kids) by spending most of the time in the pool. Both of them are going home many shades darker than they arrived (despite religious applications of sun screen). We added another spinner to the circle (3 of the 4 Grandgirls now, and I expect to add the 4th soon), we tie-dyed shirts (using these dyes- which worked really well with the kids, though the 2 dye kits barely dyed 6 shirts, not the 36(!!!) that the boxes promised), we celebrated Bee Girl's 12th birthday, we really complained about the heat and humidity (seriously- we had heat indexes of 118), and mostly we really really really enjoyed spending time together.

Which is what I am going to to today and tomorrow. After they leave, it'll be time to get ready for the Michigan Fiber Festival (link to the right of the main page).

Summer: it's almost gone already

P.S. Captain America was an entertaining summer movie, though I could have done without the 3-D stuff (I don't like wearing glasses over my glasses, and none of it was worth $2.50 more per ticket). I love the WWII setting, and we all agreed that the Cap was pretty cute.

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