Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Catching up slowly

As always, after an intense weekend trip (even one this close to home), it takes me a few days to decompress. Add to that, a new computer OS and a new Word processing program, and the need to prepare for SAFF in... omigod... less than a month... and you have a recipe for short posts. Or posts forgotten entirely.

I have been spinning a bit though, and since the wheel is out from NCFF, I've been remembering how efficient spinning on a wheel can be. And what nice, even yarn I make with it.

The upper skein is wool that I washed and dyed myself several years ago, and sent out to be made into self-patterning roving. It's spun thick on purpose, to match the other yarn made from the same wool. As I look at that picture, I see that I spoke a little prematurely about wheel-spun yarn being even, but still, it's a pretty and thick yarn, perfect for hats and mittens, and it matches the other skein very well. Oh, and it's 3.7ozs, and 103 yards of squoosh.

The lower skein is JL Yarnworks' (link in Stash Enhancers) BFL, which I bought at NCFF.  This is half of the roving all spun up, at 1.7 ozs and 138 yards. I've spun BFL before and I've enjoyed it, but this is the softest, most beautiful BFL I've ever touched. It spun like butter, and this fingering weight yarn is soft and even and beautiful. I'm not sure what I'll make with it (and the other skein, which is drying- I finished spinning and plying it last night), but I know several people who love things in the blue/green range, so it's not going to languish on the railing for very long. I have a feeling that I'll be winding it up asap.

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