Friday, September 16, 2011

NCFF Friday

NCFF doesn't really open until tomorrow, but people are trickling in, and vendors are setting up, and there were classes and workshops this afternoon and evening.

 This is what the Coddington County Extension Center looked like when I arrived, just before noon. A few tables were set up, and the exceptionally hard-working board members had already put in a hard day's work.
 Before the vendors started setting up, before the kitchen was open, before the classes started, the spinning circle formed out of thin air. It's a powerful force.
 A few hours later, the marketplace started to take shape. Already, I have spotted many things that I want to own. I'm going to try to stick to my moratoriums, but there is some fiber calling my name. And I  think there is a lurking spindle that wants to go home with me. I fear that I am doomed.
 Today was the debut of the Nordic Christmas Stocking Workshop. It's a 6-hour class that covers yarn wrangling, chart reading, and afterthought heels. Susan and Carrie were my genius students- they caught on so quickly that they didn't need me to show them how to proceed. See that knitting there? They started the class at 1:00pm with only a toe.
This is what they had done by 8:00pm. How's that for flat-out amazing? My goal for the class was to work past the waste-yarn heel marker, and then to go back and pick up those stitches and start the heel. Speedy Susan and Carrie not only did that much, they finished their heels, and worked past them. I knit along with the class, and my stocking is the red and black one on the table. It was a wonderful class- thanks ladies for making the debut such a success!

Tomorrow afternoon, I have my Writing Patterns for Publication workshop, and I'll do a book signing sometime in the morning. I suspect I'll also succumb to the wool fumes and I'll buy some of that peach color wool that is calling my name. In any case, I'll take pics.

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twoknitwit said...

bucket list item:

take a fair isle workshop from Kathleen Taylor next time she's in the PNW!!

what a wonderful way to spend a weekend!