Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yarn, and other goodies

I'm still in spindle spinning mode...
I spun up another little bump of the dyed Alpaca, and plied it with metallic filament (which is a PITB, even moreso than usual spindle plying)(but it's oh so pretty, so it's worth the effort, except when I'm actually doing it), and the rest of the Merino/Bamboo from Girl on the Rocks.

Total so far: about 1.5 ozs of Alpaca lace weight yarn and 200 yds, and 3.8 ozs of heavy fingering/sport weight Merino/Bamboo, 268 yards. The Merino/Bamboo is so soft and cushy, I want to take a nap on it.

I'm further along on these socks (knit with the previously spindle spun and plied wool/mohair) but don't have a new pic. I'm also worried that I won't have enough yarn to finish them. We'll see how that goes (and I am resisting the irrational urge to knit faster, so I can outrun the yarn). I'm all about the simple texture, and this one is about as simple as they come: K 5 rnds, Next Rnd: K2 P2* around, K 5 rnds, Next Rnd: P2 K2* around. Easy peasy.

Now that I can wear different post earrings (though the newly-pierced-ear-instructions say no wires for 6 months), I've had the urge to make more earrings. I can't wear these for awhile, but they're made with sterling hooks and sterling wire. On a related note- I have 38' of 20 gauge sterling wire on hand. I think I paid maybe $35 for it, four or five years ago. I idly wondered what it would cost to buy more so I checked around... hoo boy... I had no idea that silver had gone up so much. The same amount of wire now would cost over $100. I guess I'll use what I have on hand carefully.

After stirring, and adding, and watching, and waiting for 10 days as the starter percolated, it's Amish Friendship Bread Baking Day. I'm pretty sure the Road to Hell is paved with this stuff.

And on a different subject altogether- I use RunKeeper to log my route/time/distance/speed on my morning jog, and on our long Sunday walks. This is what it logged for us on Sunday- 47 miles in under 2 hours... Funny, I don't feel like I walked any more than, say, 4.7 miles...

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Teish said...

So I'm not the only one who knits faster to try and "outrun" the yarn. :-)