Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ah, the changing of the seasons...

Actually, I think we had a lot of snow, and very cold temps by this time last year, so truly this year, we've had a really long fall.

On the other hand, that first morning when the Weather Guy says that the temps are below zero (that's F for our Celsius Friends), you do a little shiver anyway, even if you're in your nice, warm house.
 FWIW, when I stepped outside to snap these shots (with my phone- the iPhone camera is an amazing thing), I took a sniff, and my nose said that it was above zero.
We didn't get quite as much snow yesterday as they predicted- around 4". And temps are supposed to be in the 40's by Thursday, so I don't think this will last. But we can't kid ourselves- Winter is here.

It's here, and it'll be here for a long time. Good thing it's also beautiful.

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