Saturday, November 5, 2011

FOs! and Mitered Square Links

Woohoo, I finally finished a couple of things!

After 18 months of the Yarn Buying Moratorium, I'm finally almost out of self-striping sock yarn leftovers. I have lots of non-patterning leftovers but it looks like I'm going to have to dip into the stash of full skeins and balls in order to make more like the above. The stash of full skeins is still overflowing.

I didn't keep track, but I think I got 7 or 8 pairs of free socks from all of those little leftover balls of yarn. Not too shabby.

And I finished this hat, which I started last November (and I would say that this is the longest any UFO has been on my needles, except that I know better). The yarn is from Lisa Souza. I bought it at the '09 Sock Summit. The colorway is Lapland and believe it or not, it's still available (check under the Hand Dyed Sock Yarns). The short-repeat variegation worked perfectly for mitered squares. Each square is a little different from those surrounding it, so each square stands out. I love the effect. I have plenty of yarn left, so I'm also knitting a pair of matching fingerless mittens.

Friend and blog reader Jessica asked if I would make a listing of the mitered square instructions so they would be easier to find. Here you go, Jessica:

Illustrated Mitered Square Tutorial

Freebie Friday Mitered Square Fingering Weight 2-Needle Socks Pattern

Fingering Weight Mitered Square Hat Instructions

Worsted Weight Mitered Square Hat General Instructions (note: this is not an actual pattern, it's just hints on how to adapt the pattern to this size yarn)

General Instructions for Fingering Weight Mitered Square Socks worked in the Round (again, this is not an actual pattern, just hints on how to adapt the 2-needle pattern)

The pattern for mitered square socks knit with worsted weight yarn is part of my Mitered Square Cuff Workshop (along with a pattern for mittens), and therefore only available for workshop members, but all you have to do is work 3 rows of 5 mitered squares with size 5 needles for the cuff, sew the cuff into a tube (3 rows deep), then pick up 48 sts and work the rest of the sock in the normal way.

Also, my pattern for fingering weight gloves with Mitered Square Cuffs is in Storey's 101 Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders.


mary said...

Thanks for those links! I really love the hat and the socks and can see myself making some in the future!

Do you know if all of Lisa Souza's yarns in the handpainted section have short repeats like lapland? I love the way all of those squares look a little bit different.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Mary- I've asked Lisa. I'll get back to you with her reply

Kathleen Taylor said...

Mary- Lisa says that the 3-color yarns should knit up the same, but she welcomes questions on any of the colorways. You can e-mail her through the etsy store link