Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The yarn thing

Remember back when I used to knit all the time? And I always had new FOs to post here on the blog?

Good times.

But though I may not knit all the time now, and I don't even try to knit on planes (not enough elbow room for this prop-n-throw knitter), I did pick the needles up again this week.
 I'm nearly done with a pair of leftover yarn socks (the first socks I've had on the needles in awhile). I love how the different yarns all look so cool together- none of them match, and yet they work perfectly. These are slated for The Big Tub 'O Knitted Things, and Christmas.
 And though my Yarn Buying Moratorium is still in effect, I've never pretended to have a Yarn Winning Moratorium. I won this beautiful yarn from The Copper Corgi when I was at SAFF. I didn't even consider turning it down. I suspect it'll be the next to hit the swift and winder. I love love love the mottled peach/copper colors. I think this yarn deserves lace, or some other amazing texture. I haven't worked cables for ages- maybe it's time.
 I finished spinning this hank of Romney before I left for NC. I spun the whole thing with the long draw, and I'm very happy with how the yarn came out. Though it's still pretty heavy (183 yds and 5.7 ozs), it's much lighter, loftier, and squooshier than my usual handspun yarn.
 My guess is that the long draw works best with well prepared fiber, but I have a lot of that on hand, including another 3ozs or so of this particular colorway. By the time I get done spinning it, I'll have plenty of yarn for a pair of cushy winter socks.
 I mentioned Mercury Swings yesterday. It's a free short story that fits somewhere in the whacked out universe that Robert Kroese created. I read it last night, and it's a hoot. I don't know if it'll make much sense to anyone who is not familiar with the characters and premise, but I enjoyed it greatly.
Oh, and though I've seen some beautiful scenes in my travels, and I hope to see many, many more, there is no scene more beautiful than what I can see from my front porch.

South Dakota wins Sunsets.

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that Copper Corgi is gorgeous!!