Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's here!!!

After a bit of a snafu with delivery yesterday (Amazon tracking said it was at my local post office, but the folks there weren't inclined to let me have it until this morning), my Kindle Fire is here!

And it's pretty cool, though so far, I can't find a text-to-speech function (something I was specifically promised by a customer support person- I can produce the e-mail). If it's really not part of the Fire package, I can probably get Librivox podcasts, and Audible, and my guess is that there is some sort of Droid text-to-speech thingy. But after clicking all of the setting buttons and icons, I just don't think there's one on the Fire (and if there is, I will be very glad for someone to point me in the right direction). 

On the other hand, I really can watch TV and movies on the Fire (with Amazon Prime, 3 months free for Fire purchasers and $79 a year afterwards) (oops- correction, only one month free Amazon Prime). Many brand new TV episodes are available, and lots of old shows (I could start at the beginning of X-Files and work my way through the whole arc, which I just might do. My Mulder Crush knows no limits). I will likely continue the Prime when the freebie runs out, just because it's nice to have that stuff available. 

The apps are also fun- I can do Facebook and blog and e-mail, and everything else online fairly easily, though the keyboard isn't wonderful (I'll get used to it, but I doubt I'll be tapping out long missives). I have to start over with Angry Birds and Stupid Zombies because my iPhone scores won't transfer to the Droid platform. The larger screen is great, and the graphics are fantastic. The color is very good, and the screen isn't too glare-y (it could be, in the bright sunlight, but in the house, it's just fine). Kids books are beautiful and sharp, and I waited for the Fire to arrive before buying the Tupelo Honey Cafe cookbook-  the pictures and recipes are very easy to see and read. 

There is much to the device that I have not yet been able to explore, which will keep me busy for a long time.

I'm not bothered by the lack of 3G. My current Kindle has it, but I've never connected except with wireless (I can't read in a car, it gives me an instant headache, and I can't connect in flight, and airports have wireless, so it's not really an issue). The lower battery life isn't fun, but I have to charge my phone every night too, so plugging in another device is not exactly a chore.

All in all, I am happy, though I will find a way to have text to speech, even if it means that I have to buy the cheapest new, stripped down Kindle just for that (I promised my current one to The Grands and I won't go back on that promise).

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