Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Me, Jane, Kris, Mouse
Jane and Mouse (also named Jane) are first cousins.
Kris and Jane were best friends from the first day of Kindergarten.
Kris and I met in the 7th Grade, and we became a trio.
Mouse lived in South Dakota (and she knew a guy named Terry Taylor)
Mouse moved to Snohomish in 1968, and we became an inseperable quartet.
This picture was taken on Jane's front yard on June 4, 1970 just before our High School Graduation ceremony.

We never lost touch- I  moved to South Dakota (and met the aforementioned Terry Taylor) because of Mouse. We talk, we write, we call, we text, we Facebook. We vacation together every other year or so. Our children are friends. Our grandchildren are friends.

Dec 31, 2012

We are still best friends.
I am so lucky.


Chery said...

Happy New Year! Good lasting friends are the best.

Fríða said...

old friends are truly the best ones. I am so happy to still have the same best friend since we were 12 years old.
best wishes from Iceland

Nora said...

You are truly blessed to have such life long friends. I've lost touch with all my friends from my school days. Happy New Year!!

Sophie said...

Happy New Year! Those 2 pictures are fantastic, and so precious (just like those old friends are!).