Saturday, January 26, 2013

Endings and Beginnings

 I finished the Santa Tree Needlepoint, learning once again that twenty-three year old embroidery floss does not match new floss even if the numbers are the same. But the recipient wants this as a pillow, so that  slightly-mismatching border won't show once it's assembled and stuffed (those edges will be in the natural shadow). It really won't show if I add some braid or piping to the outer edge, which I think I will do.
My technique still leaves a lot to be desired (I understand that Continental Stitch is not the go-to for large areas, but I have not yet mastered the Basketweave Stitch). But the back looks fairly neat just the same. My Grandma always said that the back of an embroidery should look as good as the front... or as close as the back of anything can look. Since this particular back will never be seen again, it doesn't matter, but I do try.

I've already begun my next project.
Last summer, we drove around the countryside on a blazingly hot day and took pretty pictures. I've always been fond of this one, and my youngest sister is very fond of sunflowers (and the color yellow), so I decided it would make a good subject (and a great gift). This is the original photo- it's a lovely pic, but there's not enough visual interest in the lower right corner for it to make a good needlepoint project as-is.
I fixed that with a clone tool. I love the clone tool.
Then I went to Be Funky, and I cartoonized the image.
And then I flipped it and printed it on an iron-on transfer.
And then I ironed it on 18 count needlepoint canvas, and I chose floss colors.

And then I started work.


M'Lou said...

You make it sound so easy!
And I think the back of your Santas is cool -- looks like real beards.

Chery said...

Looks like fun. I haven't done needlepoint for about 25 or 30 years. I enjoyed CCS more. I went back to the first love -- knitting full time. said...

I am amazed about this process to create a needle point canvas! What possibilities for an artist like you! said...

I am amazed at this process to create a needlepoint canvas!