Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I haven't talked about books for months. I could fill up weeks with book posts, but for right now, I want to talk about two books that will probably make it to my Best of 2013 List.

Both of these books are YA (young adult) but don't fool yourself into thinking that means that they're in any way soft, or small, or written-down. I'm not providing links because I'm not endorsing one seller or format over any other seller or format- both of these books are widely available and a quick Google will lead you to places of purchase.

This one is so hard to describe- the main character (only called A) wakes up in a different body every day. A has no control over which body, A only knows that it's a different one every day,  and that A never stays in the same body more than one day, or occupies that same body ever again. A also knows that A can affect the host's life but chooses not to, especially given that the host may have to live with the consequences of A's choices on that day. A lives this way, always careful, alway just surviving until the next morning, until A falls in love with a girl named Rhiannon.

This story is strange and beautiful and I loved every word of it. I hope there will be a sequel.

There is another short book, called Six Earlier Days, which features other days of A's life. It may only be available as an electronic book. It's definitely worth reading.

There isn't much I can say about The Fault in Our Stars by John Green without being spoilerish (and take care reading the comments on any page you search), except that it's about a sixteen year old girl with terminal cancer. It's wonderful and sweet and funny and sharp and shattering. And did I mention the terminal cancer? Make sure you have lots of tissues handy.

I'm busy searching out more John Green and David Levithan books- I'll get back to you on them.

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