Wednesday, May 15, 2013

AI Season 12-Top 2 Performance

We open with itty bitty adorable Kree being interviewed  by Rosie O'Donnell on her show. And then we see bits from each of Candice's three auditions (she went before the judges each time, and last year made it to the Top 40). In case we didn't realize it, the show informs us that Tonight! They! Sing! And they're only going to sing for one hour. Woohoo!

Ryan is in a tux, and they're broadcasting from the Nokia theater with 7,000 fans in the audience (including Rob Schneider, who I could go my entire life without seeing again). Keith dressed up in a black tee shirt with a white medallion design. Nicki has straight blonde hair and a white bandage dress that cris-crosses at the neck. Randy is in a lavender Mod jacket with white piping over a black tee. He coordinates nicely with Mariah's lavender, one-shouldered prom gown. Mariah is also wearing a fairly intricate amethyst and diamond (I assume) necklace.

Kree and Candice enter from the steps and they walk down them slowly and deliberately, as anyone wearing stilettos would. Kree is in a beige studded negligee, and Candice is wearing a loose red top, black pants with large black leather diamonds on the sides of her thighs, and sparkly boots. Ryan tells us that tonight Round #1 will be songs chosen by show producer Simon Fuller, Round #2 will be the Winner's Single (though let's not fool ourselves, both will be released), and Round #3 will be the girls' favorite song from the season (though again, let's not fool ourselves- the songs will be the ones that the girls' think have the best chance of impressing the voting audience).

Kree won the coin toss and has elected to go first, which is an odd choice, and I think signifies Kree's expectations for the evening.

#1 Simon fuller has chosen Sarah McLachlan's In The Arms of the Angels, for Kree, and I hope we will not be forced to watch videos of sad and abused doggies during the performance. Speaking of the performance, it should be wonderful, this song is right in Kree's wheelhouse, but for some reason, it isn't. I think nerves are getting to Kree- a couple of the notes are slightly off, and she seems lackluster. Still it was lovely. Hmmm- no judge commentary.

#2. Fuller has chosen Chasing Pavements for Candice. I do not know this song, but damn... that voice. Candice was a great singer right out of the bucket this season, but man, she's grown as a performer.
M&R joint commentary: Randy dings the song choice, but gives the round to Candice. Mariah babbles.

Next up is Carly Rae Jepson's voter participation song, the one where fans got to choose all the details and some of the lyrics. Jepson is 28 going on 15, wearing black shorts with legs that appear to be of uneven lengths, a black and white striped shorty top, and a lemon yellow leather jacket. Ah, now the shorts' hems match, so one leg was just rucked up a bit. The song is every bit as good as you expect a fan collaboration to be. I don't think anyone will be humming it tomorrow. Ryan informs us that Jepson was a Canadian Idol Finalist, which I did not know.

#3. Kree is wearing baggy baggy black pants, a baggy baggy black top, and a white jacket. Her hair is now side-parted, with one side pinned back behind one ear. I didn't catch the title of this song, but as a Possible Winner's Single, it's pretty good. Kree is giving 100% to this performance, and it's light years ahead of the previous one.

#4. Candice is wearing a black leather top and jacket. The jacket has plum leather bands and accents. her pants have holey knees. Her Potential Winner's Single is called I Am Beautiful, and it's much more like the usual winner's singles: bland and blah. But even so, this is still Candice, and she's doing a lovely job.
K&N: Keith admires Kree's composure, and gives the round to Kree. Nicki gives it to Candice,

#5.  Kree is wearing an unflattering red long gown with waist gathers and a wrapped bodice with a plunging neckline. Her sideswept hair looks great. Her personal choice song is Up to the Mountain, which I, personally, do not remember hearing her sing (it was performed in Vegas, and likely the song was never aired). Well, this one is not going to beat Crystal Bowersox's amazing performance of the same song, but Kree is doing very well with this. She gets a 4-way Standing O from the judges, and unanimous love from them.

#6. Candice is in a knee-length black spangly dress. She looks totally glam. She's singing I Who Have Nothing and she starts out a capella... and... omigod... goosies on goosies on goosies. We get a glimpse of Keith's Listening O Face, and Candice gets another 4-way Standing O.
K: rendered incoherent
N: asks if this is the first time we've seen Candice's legs (Answer: yep)
R: that girl can sing
M: any song is a vehicle for Candice's voice.

So I give Round #1 to Candice, Round #2 to Kree (mostly because her song is better), and Round #3 to Candice. I do want Candice to win, but I won't be sad if Kree wins- these two were my favorites from the start of the season, and I think both are very talented.

So tomorrow night is it for the season- about damn time.

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Anonymous said...

I think most people don't realize how hard it is to sing a cappella, especially if the accompanying instruments come in later. Candice had to keep the pitch perfect until the band came in, and they didn't come in for a very long time.

Although, she may have had the pitches played into her earpiece so that she stayed in the same key.

I give the win to Candice, too, but I'm not upset if Kree wins.