Thursday, May 2, 2013

AI Season 12 Top 4 Elimination

We're informed that the tradition continues because next week the Top 3 will head for their Hometown Visits. We see clips of former Hometown Visits, and miracle of miracles, there's a brief flash of Taylor Hicks. Well actually, this week all four of the girls will go home, but one will be staying (for a couple of weeks anyway).

Nicki is wearing a pink sweatshirt, blue jeans, and a white shirt with a gold motif that looks a bit like the Starbucks lady. Tonight, she has blonde hair. Mariah is in a short, tight beige sheath. Randy is in a very odd jacket with a black body and orange and gray striped sleeves. And I don't mean long stripes, I mean horizontal stripes, like a 50's little boy's tee shirt. Ryan is wearing a charcoal suit, a pinstriped shirt and navy tie.

The group sing is Crazy in Love, from the new Gatsby movie (which, frankly, looks terrible. It's in 3-D, for crying out loud). The song seems to involve a lot of sassy hip shaking and lyrics rattled off at lightning speed, with frenetic backup dancers. It's sort of Charleston Flavored Rap. But the girls can dance and sing at the same time, which is something.

This week's Fiesta Mission is the lamest one yet- the girls get to help design two Ford Fiestas, the result being two ugly cars that will never sell.

Jimmy Iovine Opines:
Angie: could have shut things down but chose the wrong song last night, twice
Amber: first song was Karaoke, but killed the second
Candice: Bruno Mars should write a song for Candice
Kree: still hasn't lived up to her full potential

David Cook, Season 7 Winner, is back tonight. His top hair is weirdly tall and combed back from his very smooth forehead. He's sporting artfully sculpted facial fuzz. He's wearing a black shirt and a sleeveless black denim vest. The song is Your Basic David Cook song- lots of shouting, guitar, bass, and stomping. There is also a modicum of rhythmic clapping. I note that the judges applaud politely but stay firmly seated.

Next up, Will.I.Am performs yet another song from The Great Gatsby. It's also 20's adjacent, and loud and weird. WIA is wearing white pants, a white cumberbund, a black tux jacket with tails, and a white top hat. He looks like Uncle Sam without the beard or stripes, and the whole tap-dancing performance whiffs strongly of Vaudeville Review. I mean, I know it was written for the movie, but still, it's very odd.

And then for no reason that I can discern, we an update with clips about Constantine Maroulis.  GAH! My eyes! He's still creepy. And he's still greasy. Constantine has been very busy on Broadway, and has been nominated for a Tony. He's now starring in a new Broadway play called Jekyll and Hyde. Constantine is not in the house, so I have no idea why we spent time with him, but I'm glad he's busy. I guess.

Harry Connick Jr. found time for a shave and a haircut between yesterday and today (both much needed). Tonight he's wearing a Rat Pack suit, and he's sitting on a stool in the middle of the stage, surrounded by an orchestra. He sings the slowest, dullest song ever but the judges give him a Standing O.

So, finally, we're down to the Nitty Gritty. The girls stand. Angie is wearing a short, sleeveless, red and black tight dress and black booties. Amber is in a vaguely 20's style black spangly top with a whole lot of fringe, over lighter shortie shorts. Candice is in black and white, as usual, as is Kree, though Kree'a pants are leather.

This hour long show with a single purpose has waited until the last ten minutes to get to the meat of the episode, so Ryan wastes no time naming both Angie and  Candice safe! Candice looks stunned, I am thrilled.

So it's down to Amber and Kree, both of whom look like they're facing execution. And after 81 million votes (combined over the last two weeks), Kree is in the Top 3.

Amber is the saddest girl I've ever seen on this show. The clip show reminds us that she used to smile and sparkle and laugh. The Amber of the last couple of episodes has been somber and tired, and probably exhausted. She can barely watch the clips, and she's not even pretending to smile. When Ryan brings her weeping father out on stage, she loses it completely. So do the other girls. So does Mariah. So does Nicki. So do I. Damn, where are those tissues.

So the Top 3 are Angie, Candice, and Kree, which is just about right. Next week will be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Just for the record my favorite was/is Amber! Did I vote, No, but she would have been my choice. I think she has more star quality than any of the others...but my thoughts don't really count I guess since I didn't even vote.