Wednesday, November 13, 2013

October Photo Challenge Highlights

Pretty pictures...
 Wild Thing- for those who don't know, this dead bear hangs on the wall in our local bar. During the holidays, it's outlined with Christmas lights.

Light (p.s. I really love this one)

Motion... of the Ocean (or perhaps Caribbean Sea)

Bark (Startled Tree is Startled)

What I saw that day. The corn has long been harvested. Well, not all that long- last week. But still, it's gone.



Starts with M- my favorite wine (I like 'em sweet)

Haunted... Barbies... woooooooo

Arrow- Pierce Arrow hood ornament

Then and Now...

Still Life... on a cutting board with still life

Ghostly... the flashlight was his idea. It was 22 degrees out that morning. He really is a very good sport.

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