Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Patience, Grasshopper. Patience.

The Backstory: In '96, we spent a week on Orcas Island (up in the San Juans in Washington State) with good friends. Though I'm often fuzzy on long-ago dates, I know it was '96 because Sex and Salmonella had just come out (my first national publication), and I did book signings everywhere, including on Orcas. I had also just had several teeth pulled, and I was pretty miserable for much of the trip (great timing, eh?).

During that week, we toured many galleries on Orcas. At one market, The Hub and I spotted a rustic Earthquake Detector. The price was steep and we did not buy it. But we never forgot about it. A long time ago I did a search and found the artist, Pozzi Franzetti. Unfortunately Ms. Franzetti died awhile back and her artworks have scattered to the wind. I had already entered a permanent search on eBay so that I would be notified whenever one of her pieces came up for auction. 

I waited for 5 years. 

Last week it popped up, and this week, it's ours.

The smile says it all. The Hub has a sixth sense when it comes to gifts- he always *knows* what's inside. This time... this time I surprised him. 

It's called an Earthquake Detector, and the figures rock when the ground shakes, which means it's an excellent Train Detector. It's every bit as wonderful as we remembered, and well worth the wait.

My Photo Challenge group had a prompt called Forced Perspective this week- I came up with this one, which I call *Saint and Sinner*...

... and this one, *Put a Ring on It*.

Ms. Franzetti produced this piece in two sizes, this is the smaller. If I ever run across the larger one...


Mary Keenan said...

Oh Kathi, that is awesome - love how happy he looks to have it, love that you were able to surprise him! I've only surprised somebody with an impossible-to-find but treasured Thing once, and it was worth it too - wish there were more opportunities but even once feels pretty good doesn't it :^)

Unknown said...

Enjoyed your comments. We have the larger one....it's about 4 ft tall....quite heavy. And sits on a shelf above our fireplace. Glad someone else loves this whimsical work!

Crafty_Gem Gem said...

I own a small one. I assume it belonged to you once upon a time.