Saturday, November 9, 2013

What I'll be doing this weekend...

My old Kindle served me well, but the battery life has been dwindling alarmingly (2 hours of reading in wireless mode uses up more than half of the battery now). I loved it, but I knew its days were numbered, so I took advantage of Amazon's One-Day discount in honor of the FAA allowing hand-held devices to stay on during takeoff and landing (in apirplane mode)... Saved me $34, and arrived very quickly.

The interface is a little different from my original Kindle Fire, but nothing I can't get the hang of pretty quickly.
And it plays Candy Crush!

It's a snazzy little beast!


Missy's Crafty Mess said...

Live the new toy. I use mine like crazy. I love to listen to books while playing with yarn.

Jan said...

sounds divine - time to put your feet up!