Sunday, June 8, 2014

A crackling good time

Terrible pun, yes I know.

I started yesterday with Julep Saaya, a beautiful pearly, shimmery peach. I had about five colors to choose from and no particular preference, so I did a Facebook poll on color choice, and Saaya won. It's gorgeous, but maybe not quite the right color for my skin tone. It'll be fantastic as accents, stamped designs, and in fancy color nails, however.

I didn't even know that the Ursula black was a crackle polish until it arrived. This morning, I decided to give it a shot over Saaya.

I tried to take a shot of the actual crackling but still missed it. The trick is to get a good thick coat of the crackle. It begins to split and shrink almost immediately. I think it's also important to have a nice gloss top on your undercoat, so the crackle polish slides easily as it shrinks. Side Note: the above coat wasn't quite thick enough. I swabbed it off with remover and tried again, with a good thick coat. I was much happier with the results on the second try.

How cool is this? Two coats of gloss on top (and a quick removal of the fuzz on my index finger) later.

I can see playing with this one a lot. (The index fingernail isn't jagged, that's just how the crackle reflects the light)

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