Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Little Cotton Bunny Foo Foo

I'm making this pattern. He's a gift for a good friend's new grandson, so I'm using all cotton, and machine washable wool.

The unending stash yielded cones of Fox Fibre natural colored cotton (green and brown), eBay purchases from who knows how long ago. The colors look very similar on the cone, which is why I decided not to make the spot on Boy Bunny's head. I kept getting mixed up as to which yarn was which.

Boiling brings the colors out (we have very alkaline water, which also helps), though the colors are still pastel.

See? Light brown, and light green.

Head and ears boiled, body and legs before boiling.

How cute is this? I ended up coloring the nose with a sharpie, but on the next one, I'll use other yarns that aren't so similar in color and can knit the nose (and spot) as directed.


The sweater will be gray and brown striped. I will likely finish it tonight!

The pattern is fiddly, and the designer used some terms that were new to me, but there are lots of illustrations and it's very well written. I had no trouble following the instructions (and that's a rare thing).

I also bought this pattern, for Girl Bunny Dresses. There's a Girl Bunny pattern, with little removable shoes, but I can probably figure that part out by myself.  There are also patterns for a fox and an elephant (boy and girl each) in this series. I probably will stick with just the bunnies, but I'm certain I'll be knitting a set for myself.

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