Friday, June 20, 2014

Girl Bunny Progress

This one is for me, so I didn't have to use washable yarns. She's all Alpaca (some from Blue Sky, some from a farm I visited when I went to New Jersey back in 2012). The yarn is heavier than called for, and I used size 5 needles, so she's bigger than the pattern says, though still under 12" tall. She's soft and squishy and wonderful.

Note: I didn't buy the separate Girl Bunny pattern, I just adapted the Boy Bunny pattern by guessing. I started the body stripes a little high and I made solid boots rather than Mary Janes, but she looks pretty good just the same. I did buy the extra dresses pattern, and I downloaded the two free dress patterns, Cupcake and Falling Snowflakes. But you'll need the basic dress pattern (either from the Girl Bunny pattern, or the Extra Dresses pattern) because the freebies just have the skirt chart. I am going to make Falling Snowflakes.

I didn't mean to get her smile crooked, but once I looked at her face, I liked the expression, so I left it.

She'll be so adorable in her dress.

P.S. Note the nail polish color changes...

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